She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom.


I wrote, produced, and starred in a raunchy and heartfelt comedy about the world's second oldest profession: motherhood. MOTHER OF THE YEAR! premiered (and returned to) sold-out audiences at Chicago's Stage 773 and was directed by the hilarious and lanky Jeremy Owens.

What drunk moms and other nice people said about the show: "HILARIOUS!"  "LAUGH-OUT-LOUD FUNNY!"  "THE BEST MOMS' NIGHT OUT EVER!"  and  "100% WORTH GETTING A BABYSITTER FOR!" 

Why's that guy breastfeeding a baby? Who cares! He's having a blast!

Why's that guy breastfeeding a baby? Who cares! He's having a blast!


MOTHER OF THE YEAR! is full of stand-up, storytelling, a musical number, and a hilarious digital short that I made my kid star in because if Angie did it in Maleficent, it must be right. And nobody goes home empty handed because there's also indispensable parenting advice about things like the true-life horrors of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Like how about all the women who still believe their bodies will go back to normal? Sister, your body will never ever ever ever be the same. Ever. Heidi Klum is lying to you. My child is almost eight years old. Last week I coughed loudly and peed my pants. It’s always a possibility. 

I'll also tell you about bleeding nipples! Enemas! Shit in a bag! That time I tried to be a cheerleader! The wild party that was my divorce! That's right - my push present was a divorce!

Look, being a parent is absurd. But, dude, having parents? That's fucking crazy. My dad used to needlepoint religious art. And that's not a figure of speech, that's real.

I love this show so much and we had so much fun making it. SO WE'RE NEVER GOING TO LET IT GO. ::: STAY TUNED ::: for more MOTY news and event announcements!