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meet the MOTHER of the YEAR!

I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom. And I wrote a raunchy and heartfelt comedy about the world's second oldest profession called MOTHER OF THE YEAR! I even won an award. It was a pregnant Barbie and it was awesome.

MOTHER OF THE YEAR! premiered at Chicago's Stage 773 to sold-out audiences in April 2016 and returned for sold-out shows in September 2016. Stand-up, storytelling, a musical number, and one hilarious digital short all lampooning the absurdity of raising a child. And also the absurdity of having parents at all - like mine are crazy. My dad used to needlepoint religious art. 4real.

This is what a lot of drunk moms and other people said about the show: "hilarious!" "laugh-out-loud funny!" "the best moms' night out ever!" and "100% worth getting a babysitter for!

I loved this show so much, we had so much fun making it. So obviously the next step is

 OMG MOTHER of the YEAR is gonna be a BOOK!